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Pubg Mobile Vpn Country Tricks Working 100%

pubg mobile vpn tips and tricks

As we know that pubg is one of the most popular game in android having 500M downloads . If you are playing pubg then you may want to get chicken dinner and some premium items with some tips and tricks. There are a lot of tricks available for pubg mobile . In this post , i will show you all the tips and tricks that will help you to get premium items and to get chicken dinner in an easy way.

First i will show you some tricks for pubg mobile.

How to get premium items in pubg mobile using Vpn?

Pubg Mobile offers some premium items to specific countries . By using vpn in android , we can get those premium items that are only available in some countries . Not only premium items but also it offers some crates for free . So , You have to connect to some specific countries through vpn to get premium items and crates .

These tricks expire with time but don’t worry new tricks will be available in later date. Here is the list of some countries with available dates and premium items list . So , you can easily examine which trick should you choose in current date .

23, May 2019RussiaParachtue and Classic crateGet these items from daily events


Best Vpn for pubg mobile

You must need some good vpn whenever you going to try vpn tricks for pubg mobile . So , here i will show you some list of great vpn that i personally use and recommend . You can use different vpn to connect different types of countries . Here is the list some vpn.

I have shown some tricks above . Now if you want to get a chicken dinner and you are a beginner in pubg mobile then this section is for you.

Here i will show you some tips for pubg mobile that will help you to become a better player and get a chicken dinner.

1.Choose a landing place

So , when you start a match then you have to select a place where you land . So , landing depends upon your gaming skills . If you are a beginner player then i will recommend you to land on smaller place where no one lands . So , you can know about the weapons in pubg mobile . To make your aim and controls better . So , when you face an enemy then you can easily knock him out.
After improving your gaming skills . Try to land on such places where you can face some enemy. So , you can know how good you are in pubg mobile.

2.Take weapons before fight

When you are landed in such place where other enemies are landed too .Then avoid to fight when you have no weapon. Just enter the nearby house to get some weapons and armors . Then plan how you can knock him out.

3.Keep an eye on enemy

Keeping an eye to the enemy in pubg mobile is the key to chicken dinner. So, make sure that you keep an eye on your enemy . So , you can plan where to go to knock him out.

4.Use grenades and smokes

Make sure to pick up grenades and smokes . You can knock out enemies with grenades when you see them in houses. While smoke helps you to escape in the last zone .

Latest Ramadan Trick for Pubg on VPN ( Limited time Offer )

Pubg is offering Legendary suite for users in KSA, for that you have to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Install Power VPN to your Mobile.

Step 2: Connect VPN to Saudi Arabia Region.

Step 3: Open Pubg Appllication

Step 4: Colllect your Free Premium Legendary outfit

For more Details you can watch our Youtube Video Below,


Thanks for reading our article, more pubg mobile tips and tricks are coming soon . If you have some more tips for pubg mobile then comment below to let us know and keep visiting our Pubg Blog.

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