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3 Ways to Fix Kmode Exception Not handled – Solved

KMode Exception Not Handled is a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) mistake that occasionally occurs in Windows 10. It is probably triggered by a faulty driver and also may cause your computer to restart. After restarting, the mistake can seem again, leading to a restart .

Fortunately, albeit irritating, KMode Exception Not Handled it is a fairly simple mistake to repair. Listed below are a Couple of ways to mend KMode Exception Not Handled Windows 10 mistake:


1st Option: Disable Fast Startup

Maybe this is the simplest way to Fix KMode Exception Not Handled. You Just Have to:

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Click on System and Security
  3. Choose Power Options
  4. Click on Choose what power buttons do
  5. Click on Change settings that are currently available
  6. Uncheck the box that reads Turn on fast start-up
  7. Save the changes

These steps most likely fixed your problem. However, in the unlikely event that it persists, there are other solutions you can try if you’re still getting the KMode Exception Not Handled BSOD in your Windows 10 operative system.

2nd Option: Update Your Drivers

Old, corrupt drivers may be tripping this BSOD. To be able to rule out the alternative (or to repair your issue ) you may want to upgrade them.


The simplest way to activate the capability to boot to safe mode would be to disrupt the normal booting process twice. You may need to maintain the power button for up to 4 minutes in order for it to work.


The fourth time you boot your pc you will notice it is automatically fixing. After assessing what is wrong and showing you that the Automatic Repair display, selected Advanced Options, then Troubleshoot.


Then you only have to visit Advanced Options, into Startup Settings, then press the number 4 in your computer and eventually Restart. When Windows starts booting , simply hit the number 4 key in your personal computer in order for it to boot up in safe manner.


As Soon as You’re finally in protected mode, simply follow these steps:


  1. Press the Windows Key + X concurrently and select Device Manager in the context menu which will pop up.
  2. After from the Device Manager, Start Looking for Additional Devices
  3. Right-click on the Unknown Device (the likely cause of your BSOD)
  4. Click Update Driver Program
  5. From the display that will pop-up click Search mechanically for updated driver applications
  6. Wait till the drivers have been upgraded
  7. Restart your pc

Though not as Straightforward as the first procedure, this solution may also help you to solve the KMode Exception Not Handled error.


3rd Option : Windows Can Fix Itself

On first glance, this might seem kind of counterintuitive, but Windows has the capability to fix itself — if you let it do so.

SFC Scan is Windows’ way to determine what’s wrong with it and attempt to fix the issue. It inspects every Windows file to find out whether it is working correctly. It may work to get rid of the KMode Exception Not Handled error.

Kmode Fix using cmd

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open the Command Prompt by pressing the Windows Key + R concurrently and typing cmd in the box that shows up, or simply by pressing the Windows Key and scanning cmd to the search box.
  2. Type from the control sfc /scannow and press enter
  3. Wait till the procedure is finished. It May take some time
  4. Restart your pc

If the error does not appear again, you then understand sfc /scannow worked.

Final Words

If the KMode Exception Not Handled BSOD still continues after trying all of these options, then you might wish to consider doing a clean Windows 10 set up on your own computer. If even that doesn’t work, bear in mind that an older BIOS version might be the root of your difficulties.

There are several ways to update your BIOS, based on what motherboard you have. You should google how to perform update your specific model. It may fix your issue.

After following all these steps, your BSOD will be gone and you will be able to use your computer with no locking up every few minutes.

Which way did you use to repair the KMode Exception Not Handled Error? We are here to help.

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